20 Myths About Mobile


Design for the mobile web been a subject of much discussion over the past few years.The sharing of information and experience has helped us all to gain a better understanding of best practices, pitfalls, and considerations when designing mobile products. However, as with any topic that gets widespread attention, a few myths have emerged within the large body of useful information. In this article we’ll try to dispel some of these myths in the hope that we can all continue to get better faster

We have to be mindful that the user is on the street, there is noise and glare, there are sidewalks and obstacles to navigate. The user won’t be paying full attention.” I’ve heard this in one form or another a thousand times, but the myth here is that only mobile users are distracted..

Mobile Should Support a Pared-Down Set of Tasks- In the early days of mobile, accessing the Internet meant using the browser on your feature phone. Input was limited to the number pad and data connections were slow and expensive. Under these conditions, narrowing down website options to the bare minimum probably made sense—people were certainly only accessing a site for a specific, immediate need and were not particularly inclined to explore. Those days have been gone for approximately 10 years, yet the mindset that a mobile user wants only select time-sensitive tasks remains prevalent



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