The Pros and Cons of Mechanic


Though mechanics can make good money, there are other factors that make the job unpleasant, especially health and safety concerns. Virtually every industry needs mechanics. Machines require a skilled mechanic to fix. Mechanics are necessary for preventative maintenance. They are sometimes misunderstood since their services are usually charged based on the length of time it takes to fix the problem. Also, there isn’t a uniform standard for charging a customer. Mechanics in two different areas can charge two widely different fees for an oil change.


“ When customers need a mechanic, something has unexpectedly broken. Customers may be frustrated because they are inconvenienced. Mechanics have to deal with customers’ frustrations, especially if the cost for repair exceeds a customer’s budget. Mechanics have to work under extreme pressure to repair the item with other forces outside of their control. For example, all parts to fix different components may not be available in the shop. Mechanics must wait for the product to be shipped and any unforeseen delays can further irritate customers.

Just like for the mechanic, it opens the opportunity to take short cuts that can result in the car not getting fixed. It also can let customers question how much they are paying. A job that takes 3 hours to complete, might cost a customer 6 hours worth of labor cost. ~this can be a post all on its own~. My reply to that is, “Would you want to pay more if it took longer?”. The answer is always no. That is pretty much the basics. Flat Rate is a love/hate relationship for me. Love the good days, HATE the bad ones. I think that I will dive deeper in this topic. Its one that is debated a lot in the shop.



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