Why Most Construction Fail

still life with hard hat and blueprints

The world is our tapestry, and it is full of beautiful structures and buildings that are just stunning to look at. Then there are some architects that just didn’t notice the gaping holes in their seemingly flawless ideas. Here are some of the most unbelievable construction fails in recent memory.

“ There are only two possible explanations for our first construction fail on the list. Either, this architect is an extreme nature conservationist or he’s simply got it wrong.

The execs said their firms are doing a better job of controlling risk and noted they are satisfied with the return on investment they have reaped from their spending on project management tools and training. Yet they complained that a lack of qualified workers has added to their struggle to come in on time and within budget. In the U.S., 56% of project owners said they are having trouble recruiting qualified craft labor, and 45% cited a lack of planners and project managers.



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